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Top 5 things to do in Bergen, Norway

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Located on the western coast, Bergen is the second largest city in Norway. Bergen is well-known for its unique landscape with its harbour surrounded by hills known as the seven hills. The city is well known among travellers for the numerous hiking possibilities nearby. It is also popular among people starting off on a Fjord tour as there are a number of Fjord tours on offer starting in Bergen. In this article, we will give you an overview of the top 5 things to do in Bergen, while you are there for a visit.

1. Bergen Fish Market

No list about Bergen would be complete without mentioning the famous fish market. It is a very lively place where you can have varieties of sea food from various stalls and restaurants. Bergen fish soup is one of the specialities you should not miss by any chance.

How to reach: The fish market is directly in the city centre of Bergen. If you are coming by bus, the closest bus stop is Strandgaten.

2. Bergen Aquarium

If you are Bergen with kids, the aquarium is worth a visit. The aquarium has penguins and sea lions in outdoor tanks. There are other colourful fish varieties in the aquaria inside while another section contains tropical aquatic animals.

The penguins and the sea lions are fed on schedule multiple times a day when the zoo keepers also explain about the animals.

How to reach: The aquarium is located at the tip of the Bergen peninsula. Take Bus number 11 from the city centre and alight at the last stop.

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3. Ulriken

Ulriken is the highest of the seven mountains surrounding Bergen. It has an altitude of 643 meters above sea level.

How to reach: There is a cable car travelling to the top of Ulriken called Ulriksbanen. It starts from Haukelandbakken 40, 5009 BERGEN.It is about 5km(3miles) away from the city centre. Take any bus going to the bus stop Haukeland sjukehus Sør and the cable car station is about 5 minutes away. There is also an express bus starting from the city centre that goes directly to the cable car station that costs a bit more.

Those with a taste for hiking, can skip the cable car and hike up Ulriken. It takes about 1.5 hours and is doable for anyone in decent health condition.

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4. Fløyen and Fløibanen

Fløyen is one of the mountains around Bergen – the closest one to the city centre. A visit to the top of Fløyen offers excellent views of the Bergen peninsula. The idyllic lake called Skomakerdiket is a short hike away from the top of Fløyen.

How to Reach: The easiest way to reach Fløyen is to take the funicular from Bergen. The funicular is called Fløibanen and is itself a tourist attraction. It runs directly from the city centre about 200 meters from the fish market next to the Bryggen warf.

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5. VilVite Science Center

VilVite is a science centre in Bergen. There are exhibits that are informative as well as entertaining for both kids and adults. The science centre is an excellent location for a day trip during your visit to Bergen. It also serves as a reprieve when the relentless rain in Bergen gets on your nerve and you need to do something indoors for a change.

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How to reach: VilVite is located in Thormøhlens gate 51, Marineholmen, Møhlenpris. From the city centre, take the light rail towards the airport and get down at the stop called Florida.